Sunday, September 2, 2012

Naadi Astrology- Sri. A.V. Sundaram

1.    In Nadi system we stick to the Karkatwa of a planet.
2.    5th house shows last birth and 9th house shows good karmas of the last birth.
3.    When a prashna chart is cast based on a basic number up to 108 or time of query, lagna shows the querent and the  
       9th house shows the astrologer. If the lord of 9th is in debilitation or otherwise weak, astrologer should not give 
4.    Planet Jupiter signifies male and Venus female.
5.    Planet Venus signifies wife and Mars husband.
6.    A planet in 2nd to Jupiter means the native has younger siblings.
7.    Planets in both sides of Jupiter mean that he has both elder and younger siblings.
8.    Mars in Leo shows loss of brother suddenly.
9.    5th lord in 10 means highly placed popular native.
10.    Link between 5th and 7th lord means either marital life is not good or children are affected.
11.    No planet in 7th house- one on his own (not dependent on anyone).
12.    No planet in 7th to lagna lord- one is on his own.
13.    For any bhava, its kendras must have planets to fortify it.
14.    From Rahu see which planet is posited next to him or behind him (Rahu is retrograde so a planet behind him shall 
          be next to him and can be taken as entering its mouth). The native is likely to lose the relative signified by that planet. 
          Jupiter immediately behind Rahu means either the native is the eldest child in family and if it is not so, he is likely to 
          suffer from his child. Child may leave him and live separately.
15.    Wherever Mars is posited that bhava suffers.
16.    Mercury in trines to Mars- the husband shall have another relationship.
17.    A planet in exaltation with no planet flanking it, it loses much of its power to do well.
18.    Saturn having no planet on either side or in trines to it- no fixed profession.
19.    Saturn with Jupiter in 7th-work in a big organization.
20.    Mars in a female chart behind Venus- husband is after wife, i.e. husband is attached to her. He has more sexual